In only 8 sessions with Kate, I feel like a totally different person. After having a
cesarean section 14 months ago, I lost all my core strength and developed back
and neck pain. I am now pain free, my migraines have gone and I’m feeling
stronger and motivated after finding that I really enjoy strength training. I’ve
joined a gym after many years of lacking the confidence to do so and can’t thank
Kate enough for helping me achieve my goals in such a short space of time. I
really wish I had found Kate and done this sooner!
Kirsty Rogerson

I have been training with Kate twice a week for over a year now. I thoroughly
enjoy my sessions & Kate’s knowledge & ability to tailor her training for each
clients individual needs is superb. I have suffered with back issues for many
years, but since training with Kate I have made a remarkable recovery. My visits
to the osteopath have reduced from every few weeks, when I would often be in
pain, to once a year for a routine check-up. My back feels stronger & my flexibility
has improved enormously.
Mike Jefferies

I’ve been training with Steve Fone at Chrysalis for over 3 years, wanting to be
strong and active as I head for retirement. Steve is so experienced in developing a
‘whole package’ covering nutrition, lifestyle, mental approaches to stress for
example, as well as tailoring training to suit me throughout various periods in the
last few years. He researches and uses his knowledge to prepare individualised
training and development plans to suit me at any given time. I’m so impressed
and highly recommend him.
I cannot imagine how I’d have managed the recovery from long covid without his
positivity and understanding. And I’m through after 12 months getting stronger,
training harder again, I’d never had done that on my own without his support.
Bev Owens
I contacted Chrysalis as I was in a massive rut with training. Lacking in
motivation and confidence in the gym which was starting to effect me in a
number of ways.
I started training with Tim and was astounded by the impact he had on my
training and attitude towards the gym from the first session.
Tim made the client onboarding process extremely easy, listened to my concerns
and goals and put together a realistic plan. I was seeing results within weeks and
have been empowered by the programme.
The gym environment Chrysalis provide is also exceptional. The equipment is
great and always extremely clean and tidy. It’s a fantastic place to train.
Sam Mulligan

I've recently completed an introductory package with Kate and can't believe how
much I've learnt about nutrition and losing weight in a sustainable way that I can,
and will, continue with long term. Kate also introduced me to weights-based
training which is a totally different way of working out for me and something I
could also see working for my body after only 4 sessions. Aside from this I
genuinely enjoyed my sessions with Kate who is a really lovely person! I
recommend the package to anyone as a great way to get a more in-depth look
how your body works and get a exercise plan and nutritional guide that's tailored
to you.
Emma Godwin-Alvarez

Joel has been fantastic!!
I can honestly say since joining, Joel has continuously educated me.
The whole experience so far has been eye opening and I have felt huge
achievements along my journey.
Not only that the facilities are second to none, the gym floor, the equipment and
the showers are all a dream to use. Such a clean tidy environment it makes being
there a pleasure.
Adam Bethell

Steve changed my life when it came to understanding not only gym work but
what I was putting in my body in terms of nutrition as well as recognising
injuries and doing appropriate rehab.
With Steve we developed a good relationship with food that I didn’t have before
which made everyday eating a lot easier. Learning how different foods make you
feel and that way knowing what to cut out to make cutting weight a lot easier. We
developed skills in cutting weight and adding weight through cuts and bulks as
well as living life and working a 9-5. Not just living in the gym and counting
calories. I can’t recommend Steve enough, he really helped me turn my life
around and I can’t thank him enough.
Ben Walker
Kate and the team at Chrysalis are amazing. They have worked incredibly hard to
create a warm and welcoming environment to train and progress in. The facilities
are head and shoulders above other gyms I’ve been in and all the trainers are
Kate’s been my trainer for 5 years and has remained attentive and has built
training programmes that have responded to my needs over the years.
If you are going to invest in your health and fitness, Kate and the team at
Chrysalis are the team should speak to; I’d certainly recommend them in a heart-beat
Jason Hyde

It’s great to be able to go to a PT only venue with such great equipment.
Steve has really taken the time to understand my situation and the work outs are
tailored perfectly to my needs.
I have been a member of many gyms over the last 30 years and tried many PTs
and this is by far the best set up I have experienced.
Colin Lawson

I have trained with Tim Jeffers for over a year now, and he is a very dedicated
and knowledgeable trainer, that takes a genuine interest in your goals and goes
out of his way to help you achieve them, whether that be tailored nutrition plans
(to the extent of providing meal options to hit macro goals) or adapting workouts
to accommodate injuries or mobility issues. He has helped me not only with my
training and nutrition, but also with my mobility.
In regard to Chrysalis, I was very impressed with the breadth of equipment, as
well as the relaxed nature of the gym. There is a multitude of free weights and
machine weights, all recently installed.
I couldn’t recommend training with Tim Jeffers at Chrysalis enough.
Alex Eaton

I started training with Joel around 5 years ago. This man is a legend; he can whip
anybody into shape. He keeps you on the straight and narrow. My regular
sessions under his watch help me mentally and physically get through life.
Daren Jordan

My experience with Kate has absolutely been 100%. She is highly invested into
you and your goals. I am healthier, stronger, body confident and so thankful.
Carroll Parkinson

Great facilities and a friendly and professional team. My training sessions with
Steve are always fun. I’ve seen improvements week in week out and always with
a focus on safely pushing myself. Definitely recommended.
Chloe Halling

I have been training with Kate and can honestly say I’ve loved every session. Kate
is super professional and very knowledgeable; she pushes me and has my goals
always in mind.
She has created an incredible gym, with high quality equipment and clean
I would highly recommend Chrysalis Fitness 10/10
Thank you Kate for an amazing experience.
Phillipa Knight